lithiummoto  lithium racing battery
BATTERY SIZING - 12V     (12, 16, 24 volt available )

Based on your  starter cranking   current.
( All batteries fully charged before shipping )


                     Dimensions    L    W    H      
 Ah^    Wt./lb      CA#          Dimensions         Prices
 8         5.5 lbs     400         7.0 x 2.0 x 6.5         $325
16        9.0 lbs     800         7.0 x 3.5 x 6.5         $585

CA# - Is the ACTUAL 2 second constant cranking amps to start an engine. 
Do not be fooled by other batteries exagerated claims... see video in gallery

16V racing battery, 4 lbs ..includes charger.....................................$600
(not an approx. lead acid equivalent as other sellers promote to inflate capacity)

Low Voltage Disconnect - to protect battery from system drains   $50........

Generally speaking,

- 2Ah lithium batteries are for 150cc and less engines , ie. scooters

- 4+ Ah lithium batteries are for 150cc to 750cc motorcycles, snowmobiles,  powersports stuff, small boats...

- 6-8Ah lithium starter batteries  are for 1000cc engines and will start on most car engines

- 16Ah lithium starter battteries will start  a typical 8 cylinder car engines and large motorcycle 1300cc +
2 cylinder engines

BMW lithium battery
porsche racing lithium battery
 A good way to know what cranking amps your starter needs to start engine;use a clamp-on ammeter around a battery cable.

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custom motorcycle battery
custom motorcycle lithium battery
custom motorcycle lithium battery
custom motorcycle lithium battery
custom motorcycle lithium batery
custom motorcycle lithium battery
custom motorcycle lithium batery
porsche cayman
porsche lithium batery
porsche lithium battery
porsche lithium batery
with balancer circuit, add $20
OK, lets talk lithium battery pricing.

-TO do that, we have to compare apples to apples - cranking amps to cranking amps,  Ah to Ah. 
- All other Lithium battery sellers in the market are fudging............... ( more like wildly exagerating ) these two #'s on their specifications.  Why ? .. it's a game of one-upmansip, simple as that. 
- Others started it with their introduction of the false Pba Eq lead acid equivalent.  This is supposed to make the customer think he is getting more capacity than is actually in the battery.
- This # is largely based on nothing more than a rough estimate of lithium's higher discharge ouput and the other inflated figure is the CA  cranking amps.
- This is prinarily what customers look for in battery selection. They have no other info to go on except the label. Unfortunately the buyers have no way of knowing the ACTUAL Ah capacity or cranking current output.
- This leads to buying undersized batteries and stressing them to failure, which then voids the warranty... very convenient ...

-This is why i made the testing videos.  
low voltage disconnect protection
custom motorcycle lithium battery
custom motorcycle lithium battery
custom lithium motorcycle
custom motorcycle lithium battery

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8 Ah Battery
16 Ah Battery