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Frequently asked questions about replacing  
'boat anchor' lead battery's with lightweight  Lithium.
This section will expand as readers ask more Q's
1. Do i need an external charger ?
 -  No, the alternator will charge it just like the lead unit. at 14.4V.  No trickle charging required, unless car has system drain, lithium doesn't lose charge by sitting unused like lead does.

2. Waterproof ?
 - Yep

3.  How do I estimate size?
 - Different starters pull a range of current to start the engine on hot days and cold days. This will determine the Ah size pack you need.  Ah size determines the price.  If you have a clamp-on ammeter, simply put it around a battery cable and turn the engine over; you will read the actual amps required. Do this 3 times to get the highest reading. >90% of engines will use 8 ah, Hi-Comp use the 16 ah

4.  Do I need a LVC circuitry  to protect the battery from undervoltage events ?
 -  Only IF you have a bad habit of leaving the headlites on or have a constant power drain from an alarm or some other drain after the ignition is turned off.
of course, the same drain would apply to your older lead battery also.

5. What if  I did not get the low volt protection and I accidentally drained the battery ?
 -  depends on how low it got and for how long... could be recoverable w a Lithium charger.  12V lithium chargers are an option. Below 8V is scary, which will void warranty.

6. What  materials do you use in construction ?
 - copper for cell connections and terminal post leads.

7. Mount in any position ?
 - Yep, upside down is a good one; your friends will be impressed !
  Zip ties work best. 

8. I also have a  jetski,  ATV,  motorcycle,  airplane....
 - All can benefit from a Lithium replacement.

9. Any warranty ?
 - Two year , pro rated,  (drained dead  battery not covered )

10. What size battery does my vehicle need ?
 - That depends on the current needed by the starter  when cranking the engine.
4 cyl - 8Ah  . . .  6 cyl - 8Ah  . . . . 8 cyl - 8 or 16Ah
examples on sizing page

11. I've heard old stories about lithium catching on fire ??
 - Not these type. These are new LiFePO4 type,  iron phosphate. No chance of that happening. Very safe, much safer than carrying around a bunch of highly flammable gasoline !

12. How can such a small battery run my lights, stereo, etc. ?
 - It doesn't, the alternator provides the power for those.

13. How long will these lithium batteries last compared to lead acid ?
 - 5 to 10 years, at least double  a lead acid battery 

14. Any motorcycle ?  All motorcycles

15. My car is a - Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Lotus, Jaguar, Audi, Ferrari, Mini, Corvette, Shelby Mustang, Lamborghini, Honda, Toyota,  etc.. Do you have a battery for all of these ???   Yes. 8 or 16Ah

16. My airplane is a Piper, Cessna, Beech,  Mooney, Kit planes , experimental,  Will work equally well 

17. What about those cheaper batteries made in  China ?  Is'nt cheaper better ?  Hmm, that sounds strange ... cheaper is better ...  Well, the 1st thing is; - Those batteries have a lower discharge  rate than the LithiumMoto units.  2 - You can't contact the battery maker directly on any issues.  3 - check out the flimsy battery terminal made from steel. .vs . brass or copper.
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