lithiummoto  lithium racing battery

12V 5A  Balancing Lithium smart charger - $75
needed if battery gets run down  below  12V 
New 5th Generation lithium starter batteries will be enclosed in aluminum cases.  These are extremely durable and heat resistant. Our Lithium iron phosphate type lithium cells / LiFepo4, are the highest discharge rated cells in the world.

All packs are handmade here in USA.
Customer pics...
911 roadster porsche
carrera4 porsche
porsche caymen
'61 Roadster, 6V, 1600cc 150A, 200A Lithium

Carrera 4 , 3.8 liter hi compression
593A starter current - 600A lithium req.

Cayman, 3.4L, hi compression
367A  to start, 400A Lithium req.

'85 911, 3.2L, 220 to start, 300A 
lithium req
2nd Cayman yellow

             porsche 45 lb battery !  standard

porsche 45 lb battery
porsche lithium battery
All terminals are 8mm threaded brass studs + SAE POSTS

Balancing circuit optional - $20 200ma
overheating caused swelling and internal short in this brand
motorcycle lithium battery
motorcycle lithium battery
motorcycle lithium batteries
motorcycle lithium batteries
racing boat lithium battery
lithium balancing charger
electrathon EV vehicle
LVC adjustable circuit, stops battery from draining below 11.5V  $50
BRaille lithium battery
Shorai BMW test
lithium balancer circuit
A123 cells with 50milliamp balancing card (NOT bms )

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