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LithiumMoto Lithium Starter Batteries are world renowned for their distinctive design and power. 

Lithium High Performance replacement Batteries

Welcome to the wide world of Lithium 

If your reading this; you already know that the primitive lead acid battery is going the way of the horse and buggy.

Energy storage  in a lithium battery has advanced to the point of being very safe; (safer than carrying around flammable gasoline !) very lightweight ; 1/3rd the weight of a lead battery, longer life span, higher resting voltage, higher cranking voltage / amps; cleaner, no gassing, and  environmentally much greener than lead acid.

Consider that a lithium replacement battery will last 5 times longer, and cost about twice  that of a stock lead  battery up front, but remember; price is what you pay, value is what you get.

These Lithium lightweight replacement batteries are for those that want faster acceleration and like being on the leading edge of technology.  

Utilizing ultra low impedance LiFePO4 cells, hi-tech BMS and custom aluminum enclosures equal a superior engine starting battery.

You control the power and ability to order a custom made in USA lithium battery designed for your special vehicle. Immense cranking power, fast charging and 1/4th the weight reduction = higher performance.         

If you have basic questions about a battery application, want to place an order but aren't sure of certain things etc. then best to send us a detailed email and you will get a thorough  reply.

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48V - 130Ah , Lightest of any other lithium* - 75 lb $2700
48V - 96Ah/52lb $2500 - 70Ah/52lb $1700, 24x10x9"
36V - 105Ah, 53 lb , 21 x 9 x 9" $1700

60V - 130Ah, just 90 lbs !, MOKE under hood*- $4500
(compare to 10 AGMS@ $360 each that last 1/2 the time)

60V - golf cart available
72V - 64Ah, 51lbs , $2800, 96Ah, 75lbs, $3200         
700Amps  peak, 350A/two min, 200A continuous.
Charger Custom brackets available,   IP66,
FULL BMS  protections w bluetooth
lifetime customer service - 10 yr warranty

please note that all batts are made to order so allow 2+ weeks

* no more side batteries, = range as lead (minus 600 lbs)!
includes new lithium charger + shipping

Made in USA        *NMC cells for best overall value, LFP cells used on request
48V lithium golf cart battery
lithium golf cart battery
800W 48V waterproof charger
BMS w Bluetooth

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custom lithium golf cart
custom lithium battery golf cart
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