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12V Lithium Automotive Chargers
24 volt Lithium Jump packs

heavy equip
Lithiummoto's new 24V Jump Pack is the simplest, lightest weight, most powerful source of emergency starting power imaginable.
Our 24V Jump Starter is the latest in lithium/supercapacitor jump technology employing the safety checks and features
of any external power pack you can find.
Critical to have on cross country trips, isolated areas and especially in freezing temperatures to assist the starting battery.
Don't settle for underpowered overpriced outdated units offered elsewhere. Get the most  reliable and trusted jump pack available in the world.
This is the Godzilla of 24V Jump Packs.  Works on Lithium or Lead acid batteries for any 24V system, up to 16 liter diesel engines on boats, trucks, heavy equipment, farm equipment, etc...
Even the best lifepo4 cells will self-discharge over time, so it
is suggested to top off the pack every 4 months to keep it at 100% although it can sit for a year and still perform.
Lifecycles; supercaps are known to have 100k cycles in them.
                    42,000mah size unit also available
1 year warranty 103Wh/28kmah  155Wh/42kmah  $275 / $350
24v jump pack
24 volt jump starter
24v jump pack 42000mah
24v jump starter 2000A
24v jump pack heavy equipment
12V automotive lithium battery chargers

Special Feature of 12V Charger:

★ LED indicator light show charging status;
★ Temperature controlled cooling fan;
★ 3-stage battery charging: Bulk charger,Absorption charge,Float charge;
★ Reverse polarity protection
★ Short circuit protection;
★ Over temperature protection;
★ Battery type selector

Smart charger 12V 10A battery charger is a smart multi-stage lithium battery charger which uses the latest switch-mode battery charging technology, to ensure fast and efficient charging of your batteries: LiFEPO4 / AGM / SLA / GEL

  • output frequency 47 - 63Hz

  • float voltage 13.8

  • efficiency 88%

  • DIms 6 x 5 x 2"

  • weight 1.6 lbs

  • cert. CE-EMC/LVD,RoHS

Replace car battery with lithium
$75 compare to optimate
12 V
12v charger waterproof.png
12V  6Amp 14.4V Lifepo4  smart lithium battery charger
and maintainer

( also lead acid batteries )
  • 12-Volt Lead-acid and Lithium-ion offers total care of LFP batteries with 8 step programming

  • Automatic Battery Charger & Maintainer -

  • Charge, Maintain and extend the battery life of 5Ah thru 80Ah LiFEpo4 batteries

  • Quick Disconnect Harness Easy connection to vehicle battery using battery clips or ring terminals

  • Fully protected against reverse polarity, under / over-voltage

12V battery monitor
bm6 battery monitor
antigravity battery tracker
24V battery monitor

12V car battery monitoring with bluetooth

The LithiumMoto Battery Monitor is an advanced Bluetooth system that gives you important battery data directly to your smart phone. Easy and  simple to attach to your car battery. Download app to track your battery's status and health.
Works on ALL batteries ; lead or lithium
Monitor Voltage, Starting Performance, Cranking test and charging system
Real time data and history record up to 31 days, easy to read graph
Less than 1 milliamp drain, no impact on battery itself
Installation in one minute
Car finder function
Low voltage battery warning sent to phon
Battery temperature indicator
Waterproof to IP67 to withstand harsh engine compartment conditions
Signal range to 35 feet
Can easily see any parasitic drain when vehicle not in us
Low voltage alert giving you advance notice to take action before getting stranded with a dead battery.
Verify alternator is working and at proper voltage
Racing fans can monitor voltage depletion during track use
input voltage 6 to 20 volts, accuracy +/- .03 volts Bluetooth version 4.2
Just $29 ( compare to other brand $36 ) .
.. OR ... FREE with battery purchase

High Efficiency Waterproof Lithium Battery Chargers for Any battery type

  • Waterproof IP 68

  • Rugged all aluminum design

  • DC output Anderson quick connector

  • 800W -  24 to 72V  $175

  • 1000W - 24  to 72V  $225

  • 1500W - 24V to 72V  $275

  • 2000W - 24V to 96V  $350

  • 3300W - 48V to 312V $500

email for pricing

1. Wide input voltage: The wide input voltage design range is AC90V~AC264V, which is suitable for the voltage level of any region in the world.
2. High power factor: AC input adopts active power factor correction (APFC) with small calorific value, which can realize zero pollution to the power grid.
3. Fully-enclosed sealer process: The charger adopts fully-enclosed potting heat-conducting silica gel process, the protection level can reach IP67, good shock resistance, good heat dissipation performance, and long service life. (Customers can specify IP67, but heavier and more expensive)
4. High reliability: wide temperature range of working temperature: -40C to +60C
100% full-load aging test, soft switching technology, low switching loss of power devices, high efficiency of the whole machine (>93%), and energy saving.
5. High safety: waterproof, shockproof, acid mist-proof, dust-proof and reinforced isolation design make it safe to operate in any environment.
6. Dynamic charging curve: Equipped with a computer interface, the charging mode can be adjusted on site, suitable for charging various batteries such as lead-acid lithium batteries, to achieve the best match. With CAN communication interface, it can realize real-time communication with BMS with CAN bus.
7. Temperature compensation: Intelligent temperature compensation is performed on the battery during the charging process to avoid damage to the battery due to overcharging or undercharging and greatly improve the life of the battery.
8. External fan cooling Temperature protection; Using chip cooling technology, the flame retardant shell material automatically adapts to various environments, high temperature.

800W 48V 12A charger.png
BK200 12V car battery tester is able to effectively analyze and read important car data such as voltage, internal resistance, cold cranking amp,battery health and status. It provides accurate results, calculates the cold cranking capability of the battery and the aging extent, allowing for a quicker, more precise reading. Accurate testing: It can accurately test battery resistance,  CCA, battery health, voltage.
Prompt red LED means it is connecting, The blue indicator indicates a successful connection  of battery to tester:
The interface is easy to read and clear, and the cable clamps are heavy copper. Compatible with all battery types.
konnwei BK200

$20 + shipping or
$10 with battery purchase

Konnwei bk200
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