16v lithium racing battery with LED

16V $775
20aH OF POWER in
6.6 LBS !!! 1300CA
Track racing, Pro Mod, Pro Stock, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman
12V also available

Designer Lithium Automotive
Engine Starting Batteries....
Can we make one for your special machine ?

16V lithium Racing Battery

Faster cranking, hotter ignition, flat discharge curve, consistant performance
with exclusive active balancing circuits ensuring all cells stay in line for maximum performance

All internal solid copper connections for hi discharge and thermal stability.                   3 yr warranty , 5A chargers $90,
10 yr / 2000 cycles, servicing for life of battery, $20 flat shipping



 Battery Management System Protections:

+ Overcharge voltage / current

+Overdischarge @9.6V

+ Over / under Temp and Short Circuit

+Cell equalization balancing @ .01 delta voltage differential

and shuts down > 72 hrs of non- use to preserve all its power.

lotus Elise


Lithium starting battery for all engine applications

Compatible with all car, truck, boat engine alternators that put out 14+ volts. Drop in replacement. Works with any and all alternators, current limited charging and discharging, Diesel engines included


BMS Programing

  • Balancing - continuous

  • OverVoltage from charging, no crowbar needed

  • OverCurrent from charging

  • Under Voltage from discharge - UVP - 9.8V

  • Parasitic drain auto shut off - LVD - 13.0V

  • Low Voltage engine start reserve

  • Short Circuit protection

  • Thermal: over/under temp - dual sensors

  • LED Battery status indicator

  • "Wakeup" button - saves energy in non-use

  • Heat sink AL plate- keeping Mosfets cool

  • Remote Panel Digital display option


Major Benefits of Aluminum Case

The aluminum case is thermally conductive: Any internal heat is transferred to the case. AL is better looking, wont melt, environmentally friendly.


Battery specs:

Operating Temps:  - 30 to + 65C

 Life cycles:  3 - 4000 / 8 to 10 yrs

Self discharge rate: < 1% / month

Continuous Discharge - 80+ amps

Max discharge: as required

contact for 16V or 24V

Ah sizes are:

7Ah at 400CA

14Ah at 800CA

21Ah at .. too much CA

bigger ?... contact us

Lotus Elise with 12V LithiumMoto lithium battery


Safe to use

Batteries are waterproof, and immune to vibration.

Non flammable like gasoline, non volatile lithium LiFepo4 chemistry


 Lithium car battery Heavy Duty BMS with heat sink


36V , 48V lithium chargers


Power Saver Auto-Jump-engine restart Feature

Lithium battery charging

LithiumMoto's exclusive battery

Auto-Jump Restart, 2ndStart feature means you'll NEVER have to jump start your vehicle again; this makes all jump starters obsolete.

Just push the awake button or wireless fob to bring battery out of LVD protection mode.

This button is to be located remotely by cable for easy access thru firewall, etc.

Rarely will your new battery need charging unless it is drained to UVP from alternator inop condition while driving.

LithiumMoto also has Lithium batteries for Golf carts,

36V or 48V

up to 130Ah




Lithium balancing smart- charger

with AC pwr supply $60 w battery.

​We ALSO can replace Ballistic EVO 2

lithium batteries with new cells or make new with same dims.

All T6,H6, H7, H8 Lithium batteries are made to order

48v golf cart battery
mini moto lithium_edited.jpg
mini-me racer-8Ah.....$200, 2.8lb, 400CA

H5 / T5 40ah 12.6 lb Lithium battery for Corvette, Lotus, Audi, Mini Cooper, Viper ...
$600 with 2ndStart wired or wireless remote

T5 Corvette lithium battery
corvette lithium battery installation

 H6 / T6  60Ah Lithium 12V car battery replacement for Ferrari - Porsche - BMW - AMG , Lamborghini,  JEEP Wrangler ,
with Exclusive 2ndStart wireless remote
$700 at 15.4 lbs !  Full BMS protections, made in USA not china , compare to AG

Ferrari Lithium      75Ah 15lb 275x175x190.png
4lb lithium battery for Lotus
LTX-20-12 12ah $300
LTX-20 lithium battery for Lotus, Miata, 175x86x129
LTX-20-13 lithium battery  13Ah. 3.1 lbs   $250
LTX-12-7 lithium  battery  7ah .. 2.3 lbs   $175
compare against  atx20 / 12,
same performance, better price !

Supercapacitor starter assistance for big diesels
and freezing temps
$300, 400F

SuperCapacitor Graphene subzero starter boost

All batteries available with Bluetooth option +$25