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Electric carts

Premium lithium powered carts for every adventure

The carts we offer are selected from the best manufacturers overseas. Many of the brands you know are made by the same factories. These are not EZGo, Clubcar or Yamaha, yet they carry the same 2 year warranty.

48V lithium golf carts

Our Electric Carts

Here at LithiumMoto, we pride ourselves on performance and reliability.

That's why after seeing what is available on the market, we have decided to offer our own electric lithium powered carts. We think you'll appreciate the advantages of going with the Gecko vs other mini cart brands.

Mini size compact Electric carts
g the Gecko

Mini electric cart  small tire.
Mini Cart big tire
Mini electric cart Silver
Mini black electric cart
Mini electric cart Red Blue
mini cart white big tire front
lithium mini cart white small tire
mini cart white small tire
mini cart white rear view
mini electric cart rear view
mini cart white big Tire
mini electric cart white big tire
falconev  electric carts

Introducing  FalconEV lithium carts 5 kilowatts

Falconev black cart
FEV yellow lithium cart
Falconev lithium cart
FEV green lithium cart
FEV white lithium cart
FEV red lithium cart
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