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The battery most compared to a lithium battery is the AGM type of lead acid.

If you’ve ever been a little confused about certain battery classifications, here is a little primer.

You may also want to checkout the holy grail of battery information here;

The battery most compared to a lithium battery is the AGM type of lead acid.

It discharges similar current, is non spillable, meant for starting engines only, more sensitive

to over / under charging. reduced capacity over time and keeps a higher voltage compared to flooded types and is the most expensive type of lead acid battery. The terminals tend to

corrode less than the flooded type as the hydrogen gas emissions are less. They also have a

somewhat lower rate of plate sulphation due to the glassmat arrangement inside. Another

advantage to flooded is the better resistance to vibration.

Lead acid car batteries are the most failure prone part of your vehicle , reports triple A (AAA)

judging from the massive calls they get for their mobile battery replacement service replacing over 2 million batteries a year !! and thats just from one service provider.!

In Europe, its the same per ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club),

Since AGM’s cost on average $100 more than flooded batteries, most people cheap out on

this most important component of their car and buy flooded batteries which are in the price

range of $100 to $200. These lead acid batteries are designed to fail by manufacturers

despite their claims of ruggedness and strength sounding names like ‘ Duralast, Duracell,

Diehard, Everstart, Clairos, etc…

implying their brand ( which are all made by the same battery manufacturers – East Penn,

Johnson Controls(recently sold), Exide, Enersys ) will last forever and ‘ their ‘ brand of lead is

better than other brand of lead , well, their all the same ! Clarious makes Optima batteries

with some production going to Mexico. There are many who say the defect rate has increased.

Think about it.. If batteries were to last 6 or more years average, the sale #’s would be less.

The only thing that compels people to buy these short lived batteries is the warranty.

Be sure to check if your car has a mystery drain that is contributing to the battery draining.

Lithium Automotive Starting batteries;


Lighter weight – which may not benefit the car performance but DOES benefit YOU the

installer from

injuries sustained from lifting ( back sprain, arm, hand injuries ) a 30 to 50 lb battery in and


Self Discharge – from sitting , non use of the car for long periods of time, lead sulphates,

Lithium does not Higher voltage – Lithium nominal voltage is 13.2V compared to lead 12.8V.

Faster recharge time – after starting engine, a lead acid battery will take average 10 minutes

to recharge, Lithium will take 1 minute.

Cost – LESS expensive than lead acid over the 6 year minimum life vs 2 year minimum life of

lead acid. So; Compare replacing a lead battery every 2 years at $200 = $600 total, to a

Lithium starter battery at initial cost of $400


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